Hot Rap Beats


Music is life and food for the soul and well appreciated by every race and culture all around the world.Rap being a very popular genre in music is still very prominent in our world and generally accepted.Rappers everywhere look for hot rap beats either online on the internet or through referals.Here at freeservhub we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest rap beats for the year 2020 for the upcoming, unsigned and independent rappers out there to use for their singles, albums and mixtape all royalty free for profit use produced by some of the best producers in Africa like Kingcoven Beats. Check out the instrumentals below



Genre : Rap/Hip-Hop

Duration : 2:28 minutes

Producer : Kingcoven Beats

Release date : 25 February 2020

Artist type : J.cole/Kendrick lamar type beat

Mood : Chill

Download vibes instrumental here

Pop That

hot rap beats

Genre : Trap

Duration: 2:48 minutes

Tempo: 97Bpm

Producer : Kingcoven Beats

Artist type : Polo G, Roddie Riche

Mood : Chill

Download pop that instrumental here


hot rap beats

Genre : Rap/Hip-hop

Duration : 3:11 minutes

Tempo : 83Bpm

Producer : Kingcoven Beats

Artist type : Summer walker, J.cole

Mood : Smooth, chill

Download Above instrumental here


Genre : Rap/Hip-Hop

Duration : 1:35 minutes

Producer : Kingcoven Beats

Release date : 11 April 2020

Artist type : J.cole type beat

Mood : Chill

Download you instrumental here


Genre : Rap/Hip-Hop

Duration : 3:40 minutes

Producer : Kingcoven Beats

Release date : 20 February 2020

Mood : Aggressive

Download victory instrumental here

Hot Rap Beats

These instrumentals are well mixed and mastered with a professional touch of quality on each of them, you can also visit our free beats page for more

Where can I Get Hot Rap Beats

There are alot of websites online where you can get hot rap beats, we would mention a few of them in this article.


Freeservhub is one of the best websites online where you get hot rap beats and they offer both royalty free rap beats and paid beats so make sure to check them out.

This is another very good website online where you can download royalty free beats from very well mixed and mastered so make sure to check them out.


Beatstars is number 1 market place where you can buy and sell beats.This is one of the leading websites for beat leases and here you cab find very hot rap instrumentals to use for your musical compositions.


This is another very resourceful website online for beat leasing.Traktrain has alot of of hot rap beats for you to choose from a catalogue of great rap sounds.


There are great instrumentals online these days you dont have to go and sit all day, paying for studio sessions to wait for a producer to produce mix and master an instrumental for you to use for your musical compositions.There are also alot of great producers online nowadays with professional high quality vsts they make lovely inspiring sounds for your usage.Take a ride through the four(4) we mentioned above to hear mind blowing tunes and sounds that will rock your world beyond reasonable doubt.These beats you see and hear on these websites are quite affordable depending on the package you go for.Its time to invest in your music career,invest in your passion,learn new,better and creative ways to improve yourself

FAQS On Hot Rap Beats

What are hot rap beats?


This are very sick well made, mixed and mastered rap instrumentals used in making rap songs.

Where can I get hot rap beats?


There are alot of websites online where you can get this great instrumentals
1. Freeservhub
3. Beatstars
4. Traktrain

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