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Freeservhub is one of Africa’s fast growing online hub for the download of free beats and free instrumentals with a catalog of free beats from some of Africa’s finest music producers Kingcoven Beats, U-Doggz Beats, JBeats productions and the rest. Here at Freeservhub, we offer music artists especially the upcoming, independent artists,rappers, singers and the unsigned an opportunity to get access to downloading high quality instrumentals for free with no leasing or licensing fee.Music production these days can be a heavy burden due to the high budget involved right from beats purchase or licensing, to studio session payments, mixing and mastering to promotion and marketing, and so taking the beat licensing budget off music production for artists is a way of supporting and encouraging the community of upcoming artists all around the 

Freeservhub offers free beats that cuts across many genres and a combination of genres afrobeat instrumentals, afropop, afrotrap, afro hip-hop, afro-fusion, afro soul, trap beats, rap/hip-hop beats, boom bap rap beats, soulful rap beats, type beats, dancehall beats, reggaeton beats, naija instrumentals, old school rap beats, 90’s hip-hop beats, R&B instrumentals, sample beats, beats with hooks, drake type beats, burna boy type beats, wizkid type beats and so 

All the beats on Freeservhub are royalty free, free for profit use and artists can keep 100% of their earnings.Songs made with the beats downloaded here can be uploaded to music streaming platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube and the rest.Artists can also put songs up for sale on Google Play, iTunes and the rest.Also songs made with the free beats from our platform can be used for music videos, Radio air plays and 

New beats are uploaded regularly here and are ready for download so you can always check daily.These beats can be used for your music projects, singles, album, mixtape and videos.The beats are very easy to download and the website is made very easy to navigate.Freeservhub also have a platform in place for the up and coming artists to put up their songs for download which serves as a means of promotion and publicity for the artist who gets noticed by the organic traffic visitors of the website.This is a 100% win for the upcoming, unsigned and independent artists who loves music, loves to make good and get noticed by the vast population in the online music world.We also offer marketing tips to upcoming artists on how to grow in the music business through organic traffic searches and social media marketing.


  The beats on Freeservhub are non-tagged beats meaning the beats are completely free of tags so please credit the producers of the beats you download in the following ways stated below:

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The beats on Freeservhub are royalty free to use for profit but non-exclusive meaning the producers still solely owns the rights to the beats but if an artists wishes to own the beats(s) exclusively he or she should contact the producer involved either through his Email or Phone for further enquires.