Beats For A Rap Battle

Beats for a rap battle

Beats for a rap battle are rap instrumentals mostly used for freestyles and diss tracks.Battle beats come as hard core or under ground hip hop beats. The hip hop community all around the world use battle rap songs to rate rap artists(rappers) in terms of lyrics, word play, vocal delivery, rap style, ryhmes and demonstration or performance.Rap battles were prominent in hip hop music around the late 80’s, 90’s and the early 2000’s especially during the times of east coast and west coast hip hop battles in the United states, during the times of Big and Pac and just to mention a few. In the 80’s and 90’s rap battles were performed with two Mcs facing each other face to face dropping hot bars and lines to cheer the crowd but more recently with advent of social media instagram, facebook and twitter alike rap battles are now performed online or more like diss tracks posted on these platforms for fans to listen to enjoy and comment.

Battle Beats On Freeservhub

Freeservhub being one of the best platforms online for free beats download in Africa we’ve put together a list of hard core underground boom bap rap beats instrumental produced by Kingcoven Beats for rap artists to use their diss tracks and battle songs.check out the beats below

Download Eternity instrumental here

Download Flames rap beat here

Download Monster rap beat here

Download the war instrumental here

Download Victory rap beat here

Download Bass instrumental here

Download Beast rap beat here

Beats For A Rap Battle