Type Beat 2021


What is a type beat 2021?Type beat 2021 are beats made to imitate the style of beat used by a specific music artist in the year 2021.It usually follows a similar chord pattern and drum pattern used in the beats of that particular music artist.

African Instrumentals

african instrumentals

African instrumentals mostly known as afro instrumentals is a music genre that is more prominent in Africa

Music As A Means Of Communication

Music as a means of communication

The subject refers “music as a means of communication” but before we dig into that we need to have an actual understanding of what music is. According to wikipedia “music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound”

Best Instrumental Download

best instrumental download

Freeservhub offers some the best instrumental download from some of the finest music producers in Africa, beats that cuts across many genres and a combination of genres like afrobeat, afropop