How To Market Your Music Online

Looking for how to market your music online?look no forward because Freeservhub got you covered.The world has changed as almost everything we do these days has gone online real time and this little write up will actually show some ways on how to market your music online.Record labels dont really sign music artists these days because of the cost of branding and promotion of that artist but thats not an excuse for you not to make a living out of your music as an indepedent, unsigned, up and coming artist.Ok lets jump into it

1. Social Media

Social media has become the set go for every one in the world right now as most spend almost all their time on social media trying to catch up with whats going on the world in terms, news, gossip, entertainment, travels, social life and whole lot more and because of this social media has become a powerful too for digital marketing.We have different social media platforms nowadays including instagram, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, snapchat just to name a few.Sign up to these platforms, create an account, post videos of you singing or rapping or even an audio video of your music with the right hashtags, spend a few money promoting your brand running instagram ads and facebook ads, and over time you’ll notice your followers on these platforms would increase and thereby creating more exposure and hype for as an artist and your music.So waste no time and tap into the social media world to market and promote your music.


In the world today there are a whole lot of music streaming platforms where you can sign up, put your music, get exposure and earn a living. Streaming is the order of the day now as many people listen to music on the set go even while at work.Music streaming platforms include Soundcloud, spotify, Apple music, Youtube, Google play music, Tidal, Deezer and the rest. The more people listen to your music the more exposure you get and get more pay.Streaming has helped so many upcoming artists to earn a living as long as you can grow your brand and your followers and with this you dont really need to go for shows or need the so called record labels to grow and earn a living from your music

3. Blogging

Blogging is also a very good way to market your music online.You can create a blog site which actually very cheap and easy to create one or spend a very small amount of money to music blogging sites like Freeservhub to write and talk about your music.These blogs generate traffic and views on search engines like Google, Bing and the rest, the more traffic and views you get on your music helps you boost your brand and your music so waste no time to tap into it.

This are the few major ways you can market your music online

How to market your music online