Rap Beats

Rap Beats

Rap beats are instrumentals or beats used in making rap music.Rap is the lyrical aspect of the music genre called hip-hop and both of them are mostly used interchangebly as a rapper, rap artist and hip-hop artist all mean the same thing.There are different types of rap beats that exist in the music industry today and this depends on the tempo, mood and style.There are
freestyle rap beats, trap beats, boom bap hip hop beats, r&b hip hop beats, soulful rap beats or soul hip hop beats, trapsoul hip hop beats and jazz hip hop beats.There are some other rap beats but we would explore the ones listed above.

1. Freestyle Rap Beats

Freestyle rap beats are rap beats used for freestyle rap songs but this type of beat raises two(2) questions in the mind of a lot of people which, what is a freestyle? And what is freestyle beat?

I. What Is A Freestyle ?

A freestyle is a musical composition made with or without a musical beat without a formal lyrical arrangement, structure or melody.Rappers freestyle with things, people and events that happen around them at a particular point in time without a formal composition.You must have
your way with words or know how to play with words for you to be a good freestyle rapper.freestyles are also mostly used for stage battles and diss tracks.

II. What Is A Freestyle Beat ?

A freestyle beat or freestyle rap beat is a type of rap beat used for freestyle music.This beats usually don’t come with so much melody arrangements or pattern changes, atimes it goes as a full 16 bars beat with no melody switches or changes that come after each 8 bars of the beat. Freestyle rap beats are usually not so complex in nature as the beat needs enough room for the freestyle vocals to sit in.Some freestyle beats come as drums and percussions or as a combination of drums, percussions and single synth of melody flowing through the length of the beat.Freestyle beats exists in other music genres mostly sub genres of rap like freestyle trap beats.The tempo for freestyle beats falls withing the range of 80-100Bpm meaning not
too fast or too slow.for freestyle trap beats the tempo always falls within the range of 140-170Bpm because of the trap nature of that type of freestyle beat.Freestyle and freestyle beats give rise to alot of questions like can a freestyle be written? can you be a rapper without freestyling? what qualifies as a freestyle? do rappers actually freestyle? how can I improve my freestyling rap? who is the best freestyle rapper?. This are questions that arise due to the nature of freestyle rap but we wont go into all that in this article as we hear to talk about rap beats and the types and characteristics.

III. Where Can I Find Freestyle Rap Beats ?

There are alot of websites where you can find freestyle rap beats online but its worth mentioning that some are free while some of them are paid, this basically depends on the producer.Youtube, Freeservhub, Beatstars, Airbit, Traktrain are a few places you can get quality freestyle rap beats online.

IV. Freestyle Rap Beats On Freeservhub

Hot Sauce


Freeservhub is one of best websites online that offers freestyle rap beats and freestyle trap beats.Youtube is also a great place to get quality professional freestyle beats

V. Freestyle Beats On Youtube

“Flip” – Freestyle Trap Beat Free Rap Hip Hop Instrumental 2021 | Free Beat Dababy Type Beat 2021

[FREE] Dark Type Beat – “HEAT” | Ambient Trap Beat

2. Trap Beats

rap beats

Trap is a sub genre of music derived from the rap or hip hop music genre. This genre of rap started in mid 90’s and become more prominent in 2000’s. Trap beats are characterized with its hi hat rolls,snare rolls,kick patterns and powerful 808s.The snare and hi hat rolls can be a 2-step,3-step or 1/2-step depending on how you want to style it.It also involves alot of 808 slides, up and down the piano roll and also recreating 808s into infinite 808s that sounds like sub bass used in giving the beats a classic trap melody.Alot of music artists like Rick Ross,Drake,Future,Lil Wayne,Birdman,Fat Joe and so on were all involved in making trap music popular in the 2000s with hit songs like “make it rain” fat joe featuring lil wayne produced by scott storch, BMF Rick Ross ft Styles P produced by Lex Luger, “N****s in Paris” Kanye west and Jay-z also produced by Lex Luger, John Rick Ross ft Lil wayne,Bop on the freeway Dababy produced by Jason made it.Recently we see alot of trap producers using distorted 808s as a new style for trap beats common in songs of dababy,wheezy,gunna,lil baby and the rest of the new generation trap rappers.In recent times trap music has become the most commercial genre in rap, hit songs like “Old Town Road” song by Lil Nas X, “Panda” song by Desiigner and more songs were massive hits some few years back.

growth of trap rap beats

Alot of producers have emerged online in recent times that make very good trap beats, alot of them can be found on Youtube, producers like Soulker beats, Flow beats, Kingcoven Beats, NSM Beats, 27Corazones beats, Gherah, AngelLaciencia and a who lot of other producers.

Characteristics Of Trap Beats

Trap beats are usually characterized with its tempo,scale,drums,808s and so on.Below is a list of its characteristics.

  1. Tempo of 140Bpm to 170Bpm or 70Bpm to 85Bpm
  2. usually in the minor scale due to the dark nature of the beats, runs from Dminor scale Bminor, Aminor and so on.
  3. heavy 808 bass including 808 slides and infinite 808s
  4. heavy drums with kick rolls, snare rolls and hihat rolls

Types Of Trap Beats

Over the years trap beats have evolved, giving rise to a whole new class of trap beats.Alot of countries in the world have embraced trap beats and mixed it with their common genres.

Types of trap rap beats

Trap beats have been mixed with other music genres giving rise to a hybrid of sub genres, we would discuss the 3 most common types of trap beats sub genres although there are other ones.

Trap beats x Afrobeat beats = Afrotrap beats

Trap beats x Soul beats = Trapsoul Beats

Trap beats x R&B beats = Trap R&B beats

1. Afrotrap Beats

This is a combination of trap beats and afrobeat beats to give us a hybrid named afrotrap beats.Afrotrap beats are commonly used in Africa and som parts of the Uk.This type of beat is composed of afrobeat melody, percussions and heavy trap 808 bass, hihat rolls, snare rolls and drums.

2. Trapsoul Beats

As the name implies, trapsoul beats are combinations of trap beats and soul beats, this type of instrumentals uses trap drums on soul chords and melodies.

(FREE BEAT) R&B x Trapsoul Type Beat | R&B Instrumentals | Soul Hip Hop Rnb Beat 2021 – Questions

3. Trap R&B Beats

Trap r&b beats are combinations of trap drums and 808s with r&b chords and melodies.

Where Can I Find Trap Beats ?

There are a whole lot of websites online where you can find good quality trap beats, platforms like Youtube, Freebeats.io, Freeservhub, Beatstars and others.

Trap Beats On Youtube

“Rules” – Freestyle Trap Beat Free Rap Hip Hop Instrumental 2021 | Dababy Type Beat 2021

(FREE FOR PROFIT BEATS) R&B x Trapsoul Type Beat | Soul Hip Hop Beat 2021 | Free For Profit – Cold

Trap Beats On Freeservhub

Freeservhub is also another great platform online where you can find trap beats both royalty free and paid trap beats.Download free trap beats you will love here .You can also purchase the paid professional trap beats on freeservhub here

VSTS For Making Trap Beats

There are so many VSTs nowadays used in making trap beats in recent times and examples include Ref Nexus 2, Octane, Serum, Studiolinked vsts like trap boom, omnisphere, izotope ozone and whole lot of vsts and can be used on any DAW namely FL Studio, Reason, Ableton on the rest.we would not go into details in this article and you can search for the various vsts online and read more about them.

3. Boom Bap Hip Hop Beats

Rap Beats

Boom bap hip hop beats are mostly the classical 90’s type of old school hip hop beats.This was the most used hip hop type of beat in the 80’s and 90’s and still used today by the under ground hip hop rappers.Alot of hit songs back were made with boom bap beats songs like Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M”, Method man “Bring the Pain”, Pete Rock & C.L Smooth “They reminisce over you”(T.R.O.Y), Gang Starr “Here today, Gone tomorrow”, KRS One “Mad Crew”, LL Cool J “The Boomin’ System”, AZ “Rather Unique”, LL Cool J “Rock The Bells”, The Notorious B.I.G “Warning”, Onyx “Slam”, Lost Boyz ” Renee”, Craig Mack Featuring Notorious B.I.G “Flava in ya ear”, Redman “Tonight’s Da Night”, Naughty By Nature “O.P.P”, Big L “All Black”, Slick Rick “Treat her like a prostitute”, Mc Lyte “10% Dis, Big Daddy Kane “Aint No Half-Steppin”, Slick Rick “Behind Bar”, Rakim “Its Been A Long Time”, Rakim & Eric B “Lyrics Of Fury” and so much more.Boom bap beats always fall in the tempo range of 85Bpm – 98Bpm more of a steady mid tempo rap beat.There are alot websites online where you can find boom bap beats from Youtube to Freeservhub, Beatstars, Traktrain and more.Check out a few boom bap hip hop on youtube below.

90’s Boom Bap Rap Beat Hip Hop Old School – “Bass” | Beat Old School Instrumental 2019

Download this instrumental here

“MEMORIES” – 90’s Boom Bap Beat Hip Hop Rap Beat Instrumental

Download this instrumental here

Boom bap hip hop beats were one of the earliest type of hip hop beats known to rappers and its still presently used in making freestyle rap songs, battle rap songs, diss tracks and under ground hip hop songs.

4. Soul Hip Hop Beats

Soul hip hop beats are instrumentals made with a combination of hip hop drums and soul chords and melodies.This chords include E minor 7th chords, B minor 7, A minor 7 chords and so on.Soul hip hop beats always have a chill, smooth vibe and there are alot of notable hit songs made with soul hip hop type instrumentals songs like Kendrick Lamar “B***h Dont Kill My Vibe”, Ella Mai “Trippin”, Rick Ross Featuring Drake and Wale “Diced Pineapples”, SZA “Good Days”, Anderson Paak “Tints”, The Game featuring Anderson Paak “Stainless”, Nipsey Hussle “Blue Laces pt.2”, D’Angelo “Untitled”(How Does it Feel), Jcole “Love Yourz”, H.E.R “Damage”.Check out the soul hip hop instrumentals below

(FREE) R&B x Trapsoul Type Beat | Free RnB Trap Type Beat 2020 x Guitar Soul RnB Beats – Secrets

Download this instrumental here

(FREE BEAT) R&B x Trapsoul Type Beat | Soul Hip Hop Instrumental 2020 Kehlani RnB Type Beat – Stay

Download this instrumental here

5. Trapsoul Hip Hop Beats

This are instrumentals made using soul chords and melodies on trap drums, snares, hi hats and rolls.This is a recent type of hip hop beats which came into existence in the late 2000’s.When it comes to trapsoul beats there are some notable names to mention music artists like Bryson Tiller, H.E.R, Drake, Kehlani, Tory Lanez and more recently trapsoul have been accepted and embraced and more and more music artists are now making massive hit songs with trapsoul hip hop beats.You can easily and readily find this type of rap instrumentals on Youtube, Freeservhub, Beatstars and the rest online.More and more producers online are now making these beats since its basically playing trapsoul chords on trap drums.Check some trapsoul hip hop instrumentals below.

(FREE BEAT) R&B x Trapsoul Type Beat | Soul Hip Hop Instrumental 2020 Kehlani RnB Type Beat – Aces

Download this instrumental here

(FREE FOR PROFIT) R&B x Trapsoul Type Beat | FREE BEAT | Soulful Instrumental/Type Beat 2021 – Air

Download this instrumental here

(FREE BEAT) R&B x Trapsoul Type Beat | Soul Hip Hop Instrumental 2020 Kehlani RnB Type Beat – Safe

Download this instrumental here

Rap Beats 2021

This are rap instrumentals made in the year 2021 and this is term is mostly used by producers for search engine optimization(SEO) to rank on youtube and Google.This is also used by music artists and content creators to find recent rap beats to use for their musical compositions.

FAQS On Rap Beats

What are rap beats?

rap beats

This are instrumentals used in making rap music

Where can I find rap beats?

There are many websites online where you can find rap beats including Freeservhub, Youtube and the rest.

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