Making Music During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Making music during the covid-19 pandemic

Making Music At Home

Making Music At Home

One of the best ways to make music during this covid-19 pandemic is to make music at home.If you are a music producer or a music artist you should have a home studio where you can produce and record your songs. For music artists you can purchase a beat online, record yourself in your small home studio and after that send the files to an engineer online who will mix and master your song and send it back to you for review.

Reaching Out To Your Fans While Staying Safe At Home

social media

1. Social Media

Only making the music is not enough as you still need to reach out to your fans because the music is for them.The world and almost everything in it has gone digital as we look at the different ways to reach out to your fans online without stepping out of the comfort of home and staying safe from the ravaging covid-19 virus.Social media in recent times has become a powerful means of reaching out to a large audience of people all around the world as it’s a powerful tool for digital marketing and used by SMEs and big business alike.There are different social media platforms which you can use as a music artist or producer to your own advantage.These platforms include instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin, snapchat, whatsapp to mention a few.As a music artists you should create user accounts on all these platforms so you can upload your music and reach a wider range of audience.One thing you can also do to reach a far more greater audience is to promote your songs or content on this platforms so as achieve your desired results.This is even far more easy with whatsapp as you can post short videos of your songs on your whatsapp status and your contacts will instant access to seeing the videos and also from there you can also share it on your facebook stories and your friends online can see, like and comment

2. Streaming

Its no doubt streaming is here to stay as people stream their favourite songs online on the go so as a music artist or producer uploading your songs and instrumentals helps you build your audience and fan base.There are alot of music streaming platforms out there like soundcloud, spotify, Apple music, Tidal, You tube music, Deezer, Google music and the rest just to mention a few out there.

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Please endeavour to stay safe while you make your music at home and prevent the spread of the covid-19 corona virus

Making music during the covid-19 pandemic