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Emotional Storytelling Hip Hop Beat Download

Emotional storytelling hip hop beat download are hip hop or rap beats with lovely melodies that drive the emotions of a potential listener.This emotional instrumentals always have a piano or guitar melody padded with some smooth flowing strings and pads to give it a soft feel.This type of beats also have a lot of vocal chops in them with reverbs added to them, this adds an extra emotional feel to the beats.These vocal chops are mostly r&b, pop and soul chops gotten from pluggins like arcade, exhale and vocal runs 2, this vocals are pitched, tuned or reversed to the key and tempo of the beat instrumental.Nowadays most producers both in hip hop and trap music make a lot of these type of hip hop beats because it is generally appealing to listeners out there. These type of beats can be found in songs like “Love You” by Kendrick Lamar featuring Zacari, “B****h”don’t kill my vibe” by Kendrick Lamar, “Old town road” by Lil Nas X, “Righteous” by Juice Wrld, “Through the wire” by Rod Wave, “Emotional torn” by YBNA, “Without You” by The kid Laroi, “Fast” by Juice Wrld “Mocking bird” by Eminem, “Song cry” by Jay-z, “Through the wire” by Kanye west “Scream” by Timbaland featuring Keri hilson and Nicole scherzinger, “After love”by P.diddy featuring Keri hilson, “Thugz mansion” by Tupac feauturing Nas, “Live now” by Nas featuring Lil Kim, “Came back for you” by Lil kim, “Believe” by Meek mill featuring Justin timberlake, “Diced pineapples” by Rick Ross feauring Wale and Drake, “Mirror” by Lil wayne featuring Bruno mars, “Poetic justice” by Kendrick lamar featuring Drake, “Lotus flower bomb” by Wale featuring Miguel, “Ambition” by Wale featuring Meek mill and Rick Ross and list goes on and on.

We also need to understand what emotions and storytelling actually mean in hip hop music and how they apply to beat making and production.Emotion is a state of mind of an individual depending on his/her mood at a particular point in time or an individual’s behavior or characteristics towards another or an entity at particular time. On the other hand storytelling is the ability of a music artist to paint a picture more like a movie script with words or lyrics of his/her music.Emotional storytelling hip hop beats are always smooth with a lot of room for the vocals of the sit in so the message can potrayed well to the listeners.

Freeservhub is one of the best websites online where you can find emotional hip hop beat download mp3, sad hip hop instrumental mp3 download, deep storytelling beat mp3 download, emotional slow love beat download, download hip hop instrumentals rap freestyle beats mp3, emotional hip hop instrumental for you download and use for musical projects and compositions.These instrumentals come in high quality rap beats mp3 download 320kbps, trap beats mp3 download 320kbps which are available for lease purchase and exclusive beats purchase and also royalty free on freebeats page.Our beats are for rappers, singers, content creator and vloggers. Music made with our emotional instrumentals can be uploaded to music streaming platforms like soundcloud, spotify, tidal, youtube, audiomack and the rest.These emotional hip hop instrumentals are also good for relaxation, meditation and reading because they are always smooth and chilling.

Emotional storytelling hip hop beat download

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