Type Beat 2021


What is a type beat 2021?Type beat 2021 are beats made to imitate the style of beat used by a specific music artist in the year 2021.It usually follows a similar chord pattern and drum pattern used in the beats of that particular music artist.

Making Music During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Making music during the covid-19 pandemic

The covid-19 virus more prominently known as the corona virus is ravaging the world, killing the worlds economy with all businesses local and international all shut down, the streets, the malls, the churches, cinemas, clubs, bars and the banks all shut down so as to contain and reduce the spread of the virus

Hot Rap Beats


Music is life and food for the soul and well appreciated by every race and culture all around the world.Rap being a very popular genre in music is still very prominent in our world and generally accepted

Beats For A Rap Battle


Beats for a rap battle are rap instrumentals mostly used for freestyles and diss tracks.Battle beats come as hard core or under ground hip hop beats. The hip hop community all around the world use battle rap songs to rate rap artists(rappers)

Love Instrumental

Love instrumental

Love instrumental are musical beats used for making loving songs.This type of instrumental cuts across the different genres of music like we have hip hop love beats, afrobeat love beats(Afro love beats), trap love beats and so on but before we move on we need to understand what love is, the origins of love and its fusion in music.